Paul at Work on a Custom Field Target

Field Targets

  Replacement Faceplates for Gamo Targets

Spinner Targets

All custom designed, made to order
from your request

New designed triggers eliminate any bolts showing in the front!

Field Targets

Targets made to your ideas!

Custom Designed Field Targets made to your request!

You Think It,  I Create It!

Gamo Target Replacement Faceplates
custom spinner target

Replacement faceplates to fit your Gamo Target!

Custom spinner targets of all sizes !

I make spinners at your request of paddle size, and the caliber you intend to use.

I make 1/8" or slightly thicker faceplates that just bolt onto your Gamo Target bases to give variety to your course. Painted on both sides

Please Note: At this time I am still accepting orders,
However, it is the field target season for the Grand Prix's I compete in.
I will make the targets as I can until after the Nationals in october 2019.
I will then be back to full production.

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