Think it and I'll make it!
Custom made Forced Position Stand for the Rifle
Give me a call or send me an email with a drawing or idea that you would want to see in a target. A Field target, spinner, or any target idea you would like. I will see if I can make it and price it accordingly!

I make targets from my idea designs or yours. I don't make any targets to be exclusive! If i design it or you do, I will retain the right to make more. and place the item in my gallery for others to see, and possibly order. 

I do these projects as a labor of love...Believe me, I am not making any huge profits here!  I may be able to buy myself another gun, or pay for hotel rooms while shooting Grand Prix matches, but not much more...LOL

I make these targets to share the love of the game of Field Target!

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        I also make other odds and ends too!
LIke rifle stands for use at the field target standing lanes of your club.
It has a 12" long center post in the ground with wide feet.
Also a DEEP cup for pellets and adjustable height for all shooters.

After shooting at matches with and without stands, I decided to incorporate what I thought the commercial stands lacked.  I saw people and myself lose pellets in shallow trays.  Wobbley stands made my ranging a pain in the neck.  Solid wood or metal top supports that scratched wood and metal rifles.

I made the following features on my stand to eliminate or reduce those effects:

I use a Deep brass or stainless cup to avoid rust and pellet loss.

The stand is heavy and sits in the ground 12".

Padded with leather covered top rest to avoid scratches on the rifle.

Adjustable height to accommodate
   taller and shorter shooters alike.

Cost $150.00

I II WILL REPAIR ANY TARGET you have, Mine or others that you bought. All you need to do is send it to me and pay for the return shipping. I will at your request, strip and paint it, repair it, redesign it, or other services. I will only charge you $25.00 for my time. OR JUST PURCHASE ONE OF MY TARGETS AND IT WILL BE FREE! Hows that for service?