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I have done a few videos on You Tube under "Fortress of Pellitude" .
These are for beginning field target competitors and some "How To" videos on fixing targets. More and better quality videos will be added in the near future.
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Fixing your Gamo or Remington field targets to work flawlessly!

How to Videos for Field Target upgrades and re-painting!

Upgrade your Gamo and Remington field targets to make them more reliably functioning!  Follow the video, and you will see an easy way to make your target better: it will not need any lubrication and can be left outdoors. I have mine out for over a year without any lubrication, and they still work perfect. They just needed the hit paddles painted as I don't miss!
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How to re-paint your field target
to look new again!

J ust starting out in Field Target?  
Want to know more of the basics to get started?

These two videos will take you from gun buying choices, and scope choices, up to competition and the rules. I explain all the rules per class, the equipment needed, and how to shoot a match. These are basic videos and I will offer my methods and findings in other videos for the seasoned competitor. I will be interviewing other shooters for their way of solving shooting issues and posting them also.

 Introduction To Field Target Part 1​​

Introduction To Field Target
Part 2

28" tall Egret Target mechanism

Fox Target Testing

Loud Gong Target

Making a 15' tall
target stand,
you access
from the ground! No ladders!​​​

How to make a custom field target stock for your Crosman Challenger or other rifle